Hii all,, I am new here,, loved to see all lovely moms out there. High five✋
I wanted to ask yiu something because my 20 month old toddlers' sleeping pattern is troubling me. She sleeps at 2 afternoon for 3 hours and then she will sleep after 12 in the night only. Can you please share some tips for a better sleeping pattern.
Thanks in advance lovelies :)

Harneet (clanpedia)

kids this age need only 1 hour max 1.5 nap in the afternoon, for sleeping early, ull have to make a lifestyle change. switch off lights and put her to bed by 10pm. lie down with her. ofcourse she wont be happy for initial days and she may throw tauntrems too.. but if u persist, she will fall into a habit. holiday or no holiday my both kids sleep by 10:30 pm. we are done by dinner at 9pm, and thn they watch tv. by 10 we switch off tv, say our prayers and do positive affirmation medidation for 15_25 min and off to sleep. if i have work, i do it once they are asleep.

Harneet (clanpedia)

so it wud a work basically for u.

Sheeba Vijesh

hj muhzina, good to see you yoo! high five✋... harneet has given great advise... try it...

Muhzina Shifaz

I am sure this will work for me ..thanx a lot Harneet Khurana

Muhzina Shifaz

Sheeba Vijesh yeah i will try it for sure.. see you around :)


Hello Muhzina. Double hi 5 = 10 👐...Harneet Khurana is so right. Make it a rule that after 8 no games or active play. Try to stick to a routine. Day be more active..night very calm. Read a bedtime story abd set the sleepy environment

Muhzina Shifaz

Priya Sood thank yu i will follow it up :)

Rhituparna Mitra

Hi Muhzina Shifaz
High five and welcome to the action-packed and fun world of BabyChakra!
Coming to your question on sleep - You have to take control of her schedule. Distract her in the afternoon and engage her in indoor or outdoor play. Bring it down from 3 to 2 and then to 1 hour. In the evening too, have an  early dinner and tune in for sleep at the time you want. Let's say - reading a book or bedtime rhymes. Similarly fix the wake up time, breakfsst, lunch, dinner time and follow it strictly by the clock. You will face resistance from her initially but remember that altering the body's rhythm takes a lot of discipline. She is after all young and will respond fast. Till then, just be with her. To maintain this schedule, you might have to brief your family members or other supporting caregivers, if any. Also higher activity levels is must for good sleep at this age. Their bodies are quiet simple - once they get tired, they sleep.

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