My baby is 22months old..and he is still on breastfeeding... during his naps if he is not fed he starts his tantrums and Cry's until I brestfeed him.. I make sure he eats enough so that he won't be hungry for my's not his hunger just like that he wants to be brestfeed even if he is kindly suggest me how can I stop feeding him..

Some experts say you can continue as long as both of you enjoy the process and bonding over breastfeeding. If you are finding it difficult to feed, then it's a separate issue. Otherwise you can continue feeding.

I enjoyed until people dint that people say still you feed...and how about his school and habits I get bothered and worried how would he stop...

Hi Sravani baby will stop gradually. Many moms feed their babies untill they are comfortable. Pls don't worry about school and habits. Baby will gradually wean off. Go with nature. Be free and confident. It's great that you are ensuring baby is getting good nutrition from food. All the best

hi sravani, it's good that you have breastfed him till today. let your baby decide when he wants to wean . give him time. let external factors not affect you. forceful weaning will not help the situation . sometimes the baby wants to be with the mother only for comfort & that's okay , just as we need our comfort zones once in a while. so continue breastfeeding .

Your answers gave me lots of confidence... thankyou Dr.Riddhi and Priya sood..

Great u are still feeding, keep up the great work. babies want to breastfeed for more than just food. He may not be hungry but needing security and comfort. If you feed him when he wants and given him close affection he will grown up more confident and secure. feeding babies gives them a lot of love and security. enjoy !

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