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Be Supportive & Non-Judgemental

I am a mom who took a sabbatical due to my baby. I love my child and family but am feeling very devoid of any purpose. Somehow, I am not enjoying motherhood the way i

I see moms around me enjoy. Do all of you go through the same phase? How do you manage and bounce back? No one seems to understand the amount of work and dedication it requires to be a stay at home mom.

Hi Sweetie! A BIG HUG. I went through the exact same. You aren't alone. You are doing a great job by looking after your child. Your child will bond with you so much more and it's these years that are so critical. Some parts of Motherhood you cannot delegates. Kudos! Now, how about finding a nice and enjoyable work from home? Flexible and will give you a sense of purpose. Pls accept my personal invitation to Come and work with BabyChakra . I can send you the details. If you are interested pls email me at! Stay happy mommy!!! Another tip. Don't worry if you feel you are not getting appreciation. That does happen. Keep hubby informed on how you are feeling. You are now a part of our community!

don't worry I thing all mom are going through or went through this phase...I was an interior designer I left my job for this baby...I never sit at home never...but now I am unpaid aya....I guess you are lucky if you spend some time with your baby...mere in lows to vo time bhi nai dete...whole day unn k pass rhta hai vo..infect sometimes I wish to have power to reverse the time and go back to my home to my don't worry we are all same...every one is going through kisi na kisi phase se...try to enjoy your motherhood....look you are lucky baby chair a team inviting you go and join them...

sory it's babychakra team not baby spell correct uhhhhh

Hello. Some mums love full time motherhood, others don't, plenty pretend and are not honest about how difficult it is. Thank you for speaking your true feelings, you will be helping other mums. There is nothing wrong with going back to work if u can find good childcare. motherhood is meant to be done in a tribe, staying home alone with children is very unnatural and difficult, get into mothers groups, baby clubs and trips to the park.