i have one month old daughter, if i give her my breast milk through bottle instead of directly from breast feed, is it possible that due to this my breast milk will get dry.

feeding naturally from breast boosts milk production, especially the first 3 months. however, many women pump and feed as well. any reason for not feeding from breast?

Hi. Milk is all about supply and demand :) the more you demand the more supply comes. Bottles should be avoided at this age

i think my bady does not get fully setisfied by breast milk compare to bottle because i store 2 times milk in bottle tp gove her once

i cant produce milk according to her need... i think

babies cry for a lot of reasons other than hunger... now coming to bottle, a bottle is easy to feed from, baby does not have to work much, but a breast she will have to suckle. but this is best in long term, both for you and baby... you may have to feed constantly, but that is just a matter of 2-3 months... your body will make enough milk for baby, don't worry about that... best is to feed baby from breast, even if it means you will often be left tired and sleepless... everyone goes through this...

I completely agree with sheeba there.  I am getting told the same to start bottle feed by pumping out milk but I am not relenting. no matter how tiring continue with breastfeeds.  I did some research and that's what every column advises.  your breast will produce enough feed for your baby.  don't worry.  supply and demand like priya said