how to engage a 4month baby?? he love talking so I used to talk him , play with him, n sometime give a small rattle in his hand. He put everything in his mouth. today he put that small rattle in his mouth n some blood come out from his I decided not to give that rattle again. help me how I engage him?

same question mine too

hi neelam pls get some teethers that wont hurt the gums. also mobile (hanging) toys that hang above the bed are nice. i had lots of squeaky toys as well. whn baby can sit in bath tub be sure to get bathing squeaky toys and waterproof book! they love that. get big light balls. Neha Sharma sonam patel pls add toy ideas!

Neelam Chaudhary I used to choose toys without sharp edges.. whatever the baby handle toys v shud bit careful.. but still it happens sometimes..

Neelam Chaudhary as my baby is also 4 month he does the  same he explores the world..he finds everything new want to be get inside the maintain hygiene dear..dont buy the sharp edges teethers ..just find out some soft toys..and give colourful balls..let them enjoy dear..

so many colorful balls are harmless fa babies..

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hi neelam.. bAby will surely eat everything that she gets at this age.. so, choose toys which are soft.. give teethers.. they don't hurt gums.. and you can also opt for mobile hanging toys like i m attaching here these will keep the baby busy and you can rush for some household chores.. my baby is same as yours.. he loves talking and you know sometimes you don't require toys.. even a piece of cloth in their hand helps them to play.. so discover new ideas..and enjoy..

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thanku evry1 for nice suggestions..I m also planning to buy a pay gym like ur's sonam patel... he also like to play with my dupatta.

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