I had a c section on 19 December I m having no milk supply my gyeno advised me lactare tablets thrice a day..... Still no benefit is seen. Iget only a drop if I press my breast..

In which form in vegetables only

The best way to make breast milk is to stimulate. I am assuming that baby is not latching and hence this issue. Kindly use a breast pump and pump ten minutes each side atleast six times a day. Also keep trying to latch baby as well. In the mean while make sure you do not use a bottle to feed the baby.

u can also try galact powder in milk. and increase the intake of jeera and ajveen and milk in ur diet

even bottle gourd s more helpful.

even i hd been advised n after 1 month, this problem got resolved... pls eat healthy food n continue to have lactare... surely u wil get milk

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