hello everyone,my baby is going to complete his 6 th month,now when I see his feeding time is going lesser that is he feeds only for 5 to 7 mins at one breast at a time n a gap of 2 hrs sumtyms gap may reduce or extend..but he is getting urine count more than 7 per between his weight was linear only since I couldn't see any rise in my question is should I start with formula..if yes will he feed by bottle or katori n spoon since there shouldn't b any nipple confusion as he is exclusively breastfeeding baby..plz guide..thank u

As babies grow they become more and more efficient at the breast and can actually get a full feed in a few minutes. At about six months babies are also ready for some solids so instead of formula why not discuss starting solids with your doctor.? Solids can then be fee with a vati and spoon. Start with one meal a day and gradually add a meal over a few weeks. Weight gain is slower in the second half of the first year so make sure you plot the growth on the growth chart provided by the doctor.

Try weaning him off to home.made food rather than formula. why give artificial food when u got many healthy options to consider. Let me share a few options with you.

plz do share @neha...thank u everyone

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