Hi All!! Can someone suggest good holiday destinations near Delhi (preferably) in June which are baby friendly? Also can you also suggest key points to remember while travelling with a 7 month old baby?

there are many good destinations nearby in 200-300km and it's totally depends on your comfort sister went to nainital, Shimla and vaishno Devi with her 6 month baby 2 years back and I couldn't go with mine 8 months even rishikesh as I feel lil uncomfortable on changing baby's set routine unless non avoidable 😁

hi akshika, first u need to decide what kind of holiday u are looking for, hill station or plains, want to roam around or just want to relax in the hotel, and how would you be travelling?

You can go to  Nainital,  Shimla,  Masorrie,  Manali.  I would suggest going to a place where the climate is pleasant and at least half of the journey is covered by  Train or flight. Always carry  baby food,  water,  medicines,  warm  clothes, fruits.

Jaipur...Agra...lovely locations near delhi. Dont worry. Baby will adapt to the journey

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