hi. how long, months does colic last?

my baby is completing 4 months n has been howling every alternate day...mostly evening and nothing soothes her. she has been extremely cranky since last evening and appears to trying to pass motions but is unable to. I have tried hinges massage on tummy..body massage...Nothing is helping.

pls suggest

my Baby had the same problem too. u can give her DEYS milk of magnesia syrup that is of ice cream flavour. it will surely be a help.. u can give her half droper.

colic can last up to four months. In some cases it can last a little longer as well. It is best to give medications as prescribed by the doctor. Additionally also give the baby a lot of tummy time especially when the baby does not have a colic attack. This will help release the gases.

my baby is colicky from 2nd month. he is 5 months old now. i give him himalaya bonnison twice daily n if needed colicaid once. earlier he used to poop every 7 to 10 days, now he poops once in 4 days. so looks like its getting better

hi vanita , colic can be hard for.both baby and parents. ask help from ur doctor . also your baby might find relief from pacifier .if ur breastfeeding try chamomile tea . get some1 to help u.when the baby cries so u can get rest and help him better .I too had a colic baby my husband n i wud take shifts for soothing .

my doc suggested colicaid drops thrice a day for my baby. she is three and half months and it is really working for her. so u can use this drops. whenever you give the drops see that its been given 15 mins before the feed.

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