My pediatrician has given this dose for my one month old baby for fever.... she told me to give it every six hours... .is it right dose for infant? Dr Rishi Sanghvi

mj tiwari - please avoid this medicine. Give plain paracetamol drops

My baby was vaccinated today.... so doc gave dis medicine.... I gave it to my son twice.... will it be harmful? Dr Rishi Sanghvi

mj tiwari - you should avoid mefanamic acid in such a small child.... What is weight of your child & how much did ml of medicine did u give??

Weight is 4 kg and 2 ml quantity every 6 hours

mj tiwari - I wudnt recommend syrup to such a small child as dose titration is difficult

Simple babygesic paracetamol is fine. Please consult another doctor.

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