My daughter is 2.5yrs old and she have bad of thumb sucks pls advice how can I remove her habbit??

What is the solution??

Tips to stop thumb sucking habit in kids Thumb sucking is a natural phenomenon of babies. Researches say thumb sucking soothes babies and they have natural urge to suck their thumb. This habit gradually decreases between the age 3 to 5. Usually babies and young children use it to comfort them, when they feel hungry or feeling hungry or when they feel sleepy. In few cases, children do not stop sucking their thumb even after six years of age. This is the concerned part of which the child may do it because of some disorders due to anxiety or some emotional problems. Prolonged thumb sucking may affect the teeth alignment or may cause speech disorders. Hence, treating it at the right moment will help the child getting into troubles. Here comes the ordeal to help them quit this habit. This is going to be a difficult task, but sure can be treated if noticed early and properly. Tips to help the kids stop from sucking their thumb . Firstly, keep a check on your child as to when is your child sucking it’s thumb. Is it because of anxiety or fear or stress or only during sleep. Once this is observed, it is easy to assist the child quit the habit quickly. At home, treatment includes parents setting rules and providing distractions. It may help to limit the times and places that your child is allowed to suck his or her thumb and to put away blankets or other items your child associates with thumb-sucking. Putting gloves on your child's hands or wrapping the thumb with an adhesive bandage or a cloth may help remind your child not to suck the thumb. Rewarding your child whenever he/she does not involve in thumb sucking will motivate them to quit. Don’t shame or punish them as it would demotivate and lower their self esteem. Be positive. Appreciate them if they are trying to refrain them from this habit. If all these does not go well, consult your paediatrician and seek for medical help. Hope this article would help those mums who face this problem.

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