Hi, I am 34 week pregnant. I had scan at 30week and the baby was head down. Now since yesterday I am feeling like baby has changed its position and is now transverse. I am not sure but by his movements I am guessing it. Also by touching my bump I can feel him at transverse. I will go to visit doctor on Monday. But I am worried. Is it possible for baby to change position at this time?

Yes it is possible for the to change position. But dont jump into conclusions. Be patient and calm. Doctor will let u know

Hi Shivangi to be Frank just with touch or feel one can't say the position. And it's very unlikely that the position have changed, because 99% it doesn't. Relax and wait till tomorrow.

I agree with rebecca u can't judge by ur touch.. Relax n be calm.. Everything will be great 👍.. Okk don't think from ur side... Take care

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