Hi i my baby is one month old and past 3-4 days i am seeing he is asking for more feed..i am giving breastmilk and atter feeding him for 45 min he cries and when i give formula then he stops crying.moreover his formula need is increased.

Another thing he is doing some noise like his throat got something n weird noise he makes.

Also please suggest how much formula milk is required on average for one month old baby

Hey please try to give Breastmilk as much as possible.. seems it's less in supply so he cries ..will share a few tips to increase BM..noise is fine all babies make . But if it's more then might have cold ..just check

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Kavita Sahany thanks kavita.not sure about less bm as i can see by pressing milk is coming like spray but after feeding him for 30-45 mins he still wants more..m doubtful if he has more requirement and may be bm is not exctly matching that

Might be the case ..try pumping Breastmilk and then giving the way you are giving him formula milk..let's see how it goes.

1 month old takes anywhere between 60 to 90ml. I started with 60ml for my baby when she was 3 weeks old. By the time she was a month old I had to increase it to 90ml 5 6 feeds a day. Now she takes 120ml. As the baby grows the ML will increase. I give her similac advance advised by the doctor

Anshika Dandekar Thanks Anshika..i am giving him nestle nan pro but is is spitting up and i m in doubt i should move to some other formula..because as his demand increases its not easy on his stomach

Was Nan pro advised by your doctor? If yes you can check with the doctor again if you should change to some other formula. Also spit ups are very Normal when the baby burps. Try to feed him in slighly upright position. Also after a burp dont keep him down immediately. Sometimes they burp twice and thrice also depending on the quantity. Hold him upright for 10 mins after the burp