Some day baby is very active and some day very less in it normal.??.32week pragnant..

Hi Binal yes it all depends on their mood. Nothing to worry, now baby is growing so less space in the womb so movements might be less. And whenever you feel that the movements are less then drink something cold or sweet and lie down on your bed to the left, if you can count 10 movements in 1 hour then everything is fine.

Thanks Rebecca but it's happening every after few days..I feel strong movement 5-6 days and the day after I can not feel strong movement.. of course some movement but very slow and not fequent

Take liquids like fresh juice water

Fetal Movement Week By Week: What To Do When Movements Reduce, What Is Normal And What Is Not

I also feel some baby movement very deep and back baby change the position??

Binal baby needs rest too . N s/he is growing. So there is less space to move . N try to communicate ur baby (put your hand on belly) n talk . N sometime babies respond their father more than mother . So ask your hubby to talk baby . This trick always work for me .good luck

Hello.. what is average cervical length at 32 week pragnant..and cervical length matter at this stage..mine was 3.5 at 30 it ok?? Sometime I feel vaginal pain and it normal at 32 weeks..??? I also carried baby does mean early labor?? Plz ans..I m so curious..

Generally bby activitie evry alternate days... n its normal thing

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