Hi my baby is 2 months old....she is nt sleeping in day....hw many hours should a baby sleep in a day n ni8.....she is trying to sleep bt disturbed by something wt to do any suggestions pls???? must sleep for 22 hours i feel.

My daughter was just like that.... she would wake up by the allest of the sound around her... i had to make her room almost sound proof and dark...

if you live on a busy road block sound by packing windows well and thick curtains... try to finish noisy house work during her bath n wake time... avoid too much walking in and moving in her bedroom too much.

keep the doorbell off

Hi, Bhuvana We are here to help you :)

hi Bhuvana , 2 month old sud sleep 5 hrs in day and night 17 hrs . see that u have swaddled her . as swaddled baby sleeps better . have consistant nap times . make her sleep in slightly quite room but not too quite coz then this will become problem later.

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