My daughter is 10months old nd her birth weight 2.3kg.Now she is 6.8kg.Is it ok?

Also she is not started crawling? Pls give me remedies for both.

She is taking early meh formula milk 100ml morning breakfast as idly,11 am ragi porridge,lunch rice with tomorrow dal,evening carrot puree, dinner idly nd formula milk 100ml.

But why weight not gaining...wats lacking...she is nw suffering from running nose..

Hi Jeya till 1 year breast milk or formula milk will be the main source of nutrition. Please increase her formula intake, for 10 mo 2 meals and 1 snack is enough, rest be formula. Do not worry about the weight if the bbay is active. Keep her on the floor and give lot of toys, she will learn to crawl. For running rose steam will help, nasaline drops will also give her relief.

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