I hv to travel by flight with my 3 month old baby.Please suggest dos n don'ts.Which is more comfortable option baby carrier or carry cotRebecca Prakash Revauthi rajamani Aditi Ahuja Plz help

Hi Richa I too travelled by flight when Atarah was 3 mo, twice. I used a bbay carrier and she was sleeping peacefully. Make sure you feed the baby while taking off and landing but if the baby is sleeping then don't wake up. Carry a toy, and I'm sure your diaper bag will have everything, dress up the baby with full rompers as it will get cold while flying. And trust me you will have a red carpet service everywhere so please feel free to ask. Even last week I travelled and I was not even allowed to stand in a queue, I checked - in within few minutes. Safe travel.

ThanksRebecca Prakash Do they feel uncomfortable due to air pressure during landing and take off.Should I use cotton buds or pacifier for that.

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