My baby is 1 month 2 days old and i a seeing sudden feeding change like inused to give him breast milk whole day from.morning 6 to night 9 and from 9 to morning 6 he is not satisfied with only breast milk so sometimes i need to give breast milk and top up fm.

Now from 2-3 days i am seeing he is hungry all the time and after taking complete feed either in day or night he doesnot sleep..he sleep for 15-20 min and in night also he sleeps for very less time..he doesnot cry but m tensed as at this age he should atleast sleep 15 hours which is not in his case

Also i have done all the things available on internet like swaddling,best enviroment to sleep ..please suggest

@ Kanika - feeding & sleeping pattern differs as child grows. Don't worry, this is just a phase

My lo never slept during day for more than 10 mins at a stretch. I have nursed through the night and sometimes even all of day. Some kids have cluster feeding pattern at times. Follow the cues.
Do maalish and give a sponge bath in the night. Or will help him also. This worked for my lo during nights.

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