I shifted to my own place all alone with my hubby. it's very tough for me to handle him as my husband is very helpful in house chores but when he leaves for work then it becomes tough.. he doesn't sleep in one go. I keep feeding him n he doesn't want to leave. It takes approx an hour to make him sleep. Same in the night too. Bcz of it I can't do other work . As soon as I make him sleep within 10-15min he wakes up again n demand for feed.. I m very stressed. I want to start building my house but find impossible.. plzz help

My boy is 15mnth old

Hi Priyanka so you have shifted from Kalamboli? I'm handling my 13 mo alone and I know how difficult it is. Its all phase and it takes time,so don't be stressed. Just cook whatever you could, introduce him toys, books and games buy again I know they will be engaged on that not more than 5 mins but keep trying.

Yeah. Rebecca Prakash
But I was with in-laws n there he was use to with playing out n going out with other kids n his uncles. So he not much interested to play with toys.. that's the main thing he is missing here. He is eating properly but he is not playing alone means he needs always me. N most important he only want breastfeeding all the time 😁
Plzz help

Priyanka this is so normal behaviour, my daughter is breastfeeding like a new born these days.