how to talk about solar system and universe to a 3 year old. he is curious but I get confused on how to explain stuff at his level. I don't want to overload him with information but at the same time, ans him accurately.

plz share tips

arrange 10 balls. 1 for sun 9 fr planets. decorate them with colr papers as for marse use red colr fr earth blue etc. use ball of different sizes too. then arrange these balls in circles as in atlas. and just make him learn the sun nd planet name. i think it will be enough for a 3 year old child.

we use flash cards and he recognises all the planets with some features like mars is red, Jupiter is biggest, Saturn has rings. but questions like  what is on Jupiter ( pointing to something that looks like crater), are hard to answer

ur baby is genius. she has crossed the level. then u can elaborate over perticular question. ur ans will give her another question too. i like such babies who ask genius questions :)

thanks Ruchi.. but he is hardly a genius.. just a curious kid

Dear Kanupriya, When you talk to your 3 year old, about anything, use simple language to explain the concept and pictures and videos so that he can look at what you are talking about and understand it better. Don't worry about overloading him, because if he stops understanding what you are saying he will either tell you that or then stop listening and get distracted which is your cue to stop what you are saying to him and move to something else. Hope this helps!

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