according to Indian mother in law says I should not eat egg and chicken at this time? is it true?

Nope nothing like that. You can consume eggs and chicken.

Take a look at this article to get some guidance in what all ur diet should include.

in 15 week the baby's scalp hair any food tip to have healthy n full head hairy baby!!

Neha no food can guarantee hair growth of ur baby. Yes all you can definitely ensure is that you have a very healthy diet to ensure ur baby is healthy and happy.

Most welcome dear. All the best

fully agreed with Neha Agarwal Ji..
Jo Mann karay khayiyay
bilkul bhi Matt hichkichayiyay..
Yehi tou khaanay peenay k din hotay hain..

thnx. ..saima Tariq...

My doctor suggested me to eat egg... It is good during pregnancy...

Eggs and chicken are both a healthy source of a complete protein and can be consumed everyday. However a couple of things to keep in mind - egg yellow is high in cholesterol our body does need some amount of cholesterol as all cholesterol is not bad hence maximum of one egg yellow per day. You can have two or three egg whites. Ensure that you consume lean meats which means remove the skin and fat from the chicken and do not fry it.

Don't eat both things in small portions of both.

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