Is it okay to give my 3yr old a shower in cold water. Regular tap water instead of warm water in the summer. I have always been giving him a shower in warm water. Heated in the geyser and then added cold water to make it a temperature comfortable for a shower. I just wanted to confirm if cold tap water is okay

warm water is always better..

I prefer giving bath to my girl's in d normal water from d tap during summers...

It's OK to use normal water in peak summers for 3+ kids. introduce it slowly.. like fun in shower or bath tub and even first let them be acclamatized with water by starting from feet upwards.

I even bathe my daughter in chilled water in summer evenings after she comes back from play - all soiled and dirty. First couple of days I wasn't so sure but she felt fresh and happy after bath so continued. Now we can't do without it!

it is OK if child is comfortable