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my baby was not able to sleep since morning but somehow now he sleep 4 hours before and till now he is not Asking for milk

should I give him or wait him to ask

I suppose he is having gas issue since morning or cold issue

pls suggest

it had been 4 hours to take him last feed

dear vrinda , ur baby cud have been exhausted since he has not slept from morning . I wud suggest to feed him but without waking him up . let him sleep after feed, .4 hrs without milk for 1 month old is too long .

thanks dear I am afraid whether he would be keep sleeping

ur welcome , try to feed without waking he will drink n go back to sleep. he seems tired

Babies sometimes sleep for a longer stretch. Since it's been already 4 hours I would suggest feed the baby now. Wake him gently and feed him.

Some times babies cluster feed and then take a long gap. Since this is an isolated incidence just wait and watch. If you feel that gas or cold persists then please visit the doctor.