is it ok to take a 5 month old into the swimming pool at a hotel. if yes what to make them wear?

wait atleast till nine months before taking ur baby in the pool .

I would advice against it.  swimming pools usually have a lot of chlorine and you don't know who has been swimming in them.  let the baby grow a bit more.

i think u could wait fr another month. i took my son at 6 months n he loved it.
when u do start-u will be holding the baby with neck above water level so no chance of baby swallowing water. i wud say u can dip baby few times wud b fun! make baby wear a swim diaper- available as disposable n nindisposable types. swimsuits choice is upto u. lots of choices  to make! i put him in a full suit

u can start from 6 months- some tips for the same are - For enjoyment and safety's sake, always heed these pool precautions: The pool should be slightly warmed. The tinier the baby, the warmer should be the water. Babies have a large surface area relative to their body weight, so it's easy for them to get cold. If the temperature is comfortable for you from the moment you enter the water, it's likely to be comfortable for baby. Limit the amount of time your baby spends in a cold pool—especially when you first start out. You might look into finding a heated pool or spa for baby's first pool exposure. Avoid pools loaded with chemicals. Pool chemicals are necessary to keep the bacteria count of the water down, but overexposure can be unhealthful to baby. Baby's skin, eyes and breathing passages are more sensitive to chlorine than are adults. If you walk into the poolroom and immediately smell chlorine, assume it's too strong for baby. Try to avoid heavily chlorinated indoor pools. Seek out pools that use the newer ozone filters—these are becoming more common in spas and pools. Ozone-filtered water is clean and very baby-friendly. You must take sensible precautions to protect the pool from babies doing what comes naturally—having a bowel movement in the pool. Use "swim diapers" specifically designed for going in water. Check and clean the diaper area before entering the pool. And it's best not to take baby into a pool immediately after a feeding when a BM is most likely. Discourage water swallowing, not only for safety's sake, but in rare circumstances older babies can swallow too much water, which can be harmful to their body's chemistry. Pool water is for swimming, not drinking. The buoyancy of water brings out freedom of movement. Hold your baby securely underneath the arms and let him enjoy the sensation of movement in lessened gravity. Some tiny babies sense it's fun to move in water.

very well advised by Harneet Khurana !!

thanks a lot for all the suggestions

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