Got this from fb page , looks nice will try for my son .

Neha Sharma
Priya Sood
Aditi Manja

it is an amazing way to involve baby in sensory play. I have done the same with my baby when he was 14 months old. he loved it. u can do this activity from 6 months onwards. will search for tha pic and share.

what can be done for a 3 month baby Neha Sharma

nyc but i guess for a 3month baby..u have to do urself..eg acting lyk a clown in front of him. sing nursery rhymes..my son loves twinkle twinkle..whenever i sing it he juz get excited

and during massage time..we can count numbers aloud..while stretching their hands n legs..

Foram u don't have to do much for 3 mo, they are happy with their own world, just give them few props to add to their imagination. like give a paper and tear it- they like that sound, foil paper- they will keep on staring it, play gym- in place of toys u can hang colourful ribbons, rattles- they love shaking it, sing rhymes with action, at 3 months my baby had a fav rhyme- if u are happy and u know it, and whenever I would clap he used to give a big smile. from 6 months u can include so many other activities.

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