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Hi, my baby is 1 n half month old. I have changed his pediatrician n as per the new pediatrician I should not b giving my baby any vitamin n Calcium syrup. Idk wht to do since my previous pediatrician strongly recommended these syrup. Pls help.

even my paediatrician never gave . no need for so small baby.. ur breast milk has all

Hi, did u start giving ur child any Syrup at a later age?

hi , if yor child is on breast feed then no supplements what so ever r required.
u must continue yor intake of healthy nutritious foods & vitamin n calcium supplements.
that wil automatically go to the child.

Thank you Doc n Supriya

world health organisation states only breast milk should be given, nothing else. unless a blood test has found a deficiency vitamins should never be taken by anyone. It is possible to overdoses on a vitamin.

S , I agree with Ruth Malik.