hey, I am 21 weeks pregnant...Can we use hair removal soaps during pregnancy it safe?

Yes you can. If you are using this vaginally be careful of maintaining hygiene

thanks Sonali.. just one more u suggest any specific brand since I am little worried abt the fumes such soaps have

don't use any hair removing agent B'oz it smells..
this vl affect the baby in womb.. be generous to ur baby and let The baby Enjoy without harming or Disturbing him /her.

Remove the Unwanted hair by using lady shaver.

I M 8 month 15 days pregnant but now I can not clear my private part and shame when I go my regular check up what I should do when labour is start.

actually even I have a same concern Krutika and that's y I wanna look for some safe option that wud not harm me or baby

krutika Ji
fully agreed with u..

use Scissor for long unwanted hair..
put special mirror infront having big images and use lady shaver.
u vl feel exhausted..
but vr thr is a wil, thr is a way.

u can take help of ur closest one..
if possible.

whtever u do the doc wil clean up that area before delivery so no need to b ashamed. newys tht part wil b visible to him that day

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