Be Supportive & Non- Judgemental

I and my husband were in love until my baby happened to me. He has stopped showering the affection he used to, love seems to be dwindling away. I am anyway going through a lot with a new born, can someone not understand my emotions? I feel at times why I should stay with my husband anymore!


Post partum depression and insecurities happen to most of us. During this phase we need care, love and support. caring for a new born is 24/7 work and without any love and help it gets difficult. Your husband has also become a Dad. He might be feeling anxious, responsible, happy, worried. This might reflect in his behaviour. I would like you to give him sometime. Slowly try to sit and talk with him when the baby is sleeping. Tell him your feelings but in a positive manner. No blaming and all. Tell him that you love him so much and now you love him more as a Dad. Give some time. Ask him to help u in small n baby chores. See that he is a part of some or the other things.

I completely agree with Smitha.

i also feel d same..u shld talk n share ur feelings wid him..dnt think in negatv way..smtime we used to tk thngs in a wrng way..dnt wry..evrythng wl b fyn..