Hi my baby is vomiting often...after every feed she is vomiting whi is like milk...bt after some time its coming like curd...wt will b the reason...

Hi Bhuvana, if the baby is bringing out little bit of milk after feeds it's normal.. burp the baby nicely after each feed n keep her in upright position for some tym.. but if she vomits out all the milk after feeds then you should consult the doc.

it is normal.
extra milk vomit out jst after feeding..

curd like milk coming out is a good sign which means milk is digested properly.

maintain a gap of at least half an hour between the two feeds..

If spit up is like milk it is coming from food pipe. Once it touches stomach it curdles due to action of the acids. A little spit up is normal sometimes after every feed. Hold baby in upright position for a few minutes after a feed to help the milk to settle. If it is persistent then discuss with your doctor and the doctor will advise you on other sleeping postures or medications.