hi ..m 9 week pregnant . every1 told me to eat well but I can't eat more

even in morning I feel hungry but as I eat I vomit ..plz suggest me

starting 3 mths its like that only. eat well means u take more liquid. milk juice fruits salad. n whatever u r able to digest. take 6 small meals a day

in this phase I dnt like milk so in wat way I should take milk ...nd how much milk is necessary for me ?

eat or drink only what you like and repeat it it's best. try to avoid too oily foods like poori , Manchurian etc. intake of water fruits vegetables and dal is a must.

i also felt the same... and even i cant take milk... so i try to have 1 cup milk with some toast so as to avoid nausea and i take more of curd and lassi... eat less but eat healthy...

eat & drink only those things which u vl digest properly..
avoid the things which make u vomit..
Drink Lemon Water added with Sugar &salt (shikanji ka Paani)
U vl feel better..

try fresh fruit milkshakes or cereals

take milk in other firms like curd lassi ,matha , milk shakes mix flavours in milk during my pregnancy I also dnt like milk so I tried other forms of milk take protien powder also it will help u eat seasonal fruits

I also felt the same as per my gynaecologist,you need not to eat more than wat u could digest..even I couldn't have chapatis, some veggies and milk for a month or two...but it doesn't have any impact on the baby if u are in ur first try n have wat u like or could digest....for example I completely removed milk and paneer from my diet but had cheese and nuts as a substitute.. try n have fruits since u could get more nutrition out of it....

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