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My baby is 18 days old she passes gas with sound and whenever she passes gas a drop of potty appears on her nappy... She is on both bf and fm..... What to do...

Be happy she is digesting food and passing gas (instead of it all getting trapped inside and causing colic pain) :) ! keep checking and changing nappy regularly and cleaning thoroughly to avoid rashes. use a cotton swab dipped in luke warm water to clean and then a soft cotton cloth to wipe as using wet wipes all the time will make the area moist and prone to infection. make sure to use a good diaper rash cream as well. it may seem overwhelming to change nappies every hr or so, but it's only a phase and will pass in 1-2 months.

thanx chitra. . am passing through this :)

It is completely normal because at this age the baby does not have bowel control.