When can baby start taking bath in baby tub ? which baby tub should be purchased? my son is now 5 months.

u can use bath tub to make baby bath .its very useful both my girls enjoyed bath in tub

A bath tub can be used along with the bath chair which means that baby can enjoy the concept of a tub but be safe in the chair. This can be from the beginning. Later once the baby is able to sit without support you can make baby sit in a bath tub to splash and have fun. Do not leave the baby alone for even a second in a water oriented space.

my daughter takes bath in tub since 5 months onwards.. initially my mom had to hold her while I had to shampoo n soap her..later on after 7th months onwards I'm alone giving her bath..she enjoys a lot playing with water n toys in bath tub esp summer..after enjoying her bath she sleeps as she s 1.4 yrs old I give her oil massage too before bath while she sits in tub..we have mee mee bath tub without chair..

if u baby with careful..

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