my one and half month daughter sleeps less only 3 hours she sleeps deeply but the rest she is a wake and sometimes naps 3 to 4 minutes what could it be plz..

in order to make sure ur baby has gud naps . wat do u do that makes her fall asleep are u rocking her, she sleeps after drinking milk , or by walking. try to make her sleep by herself . when she shows sign of tiredness immediately put her to sleep. any other doubts tell me i will help inshallah

thank you so much ruqaiya

ur welcome once she learns to naps well.. she will.sleep better in night too inshallah

Insha allah I am hoping so because she does not sleep the whole night .

one n half month she is still.small . she will wake up for milk 3 times. but 4 months ke baad they sleep whole night if u do sleep training .

my baby is just 2 months n he sleeps well at nite n wakes up only for his feed n even during the day once he is full he'll play n after playing for sometimes he sleeps on his own.

at times even massaging helps the babies to sleep

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