Hello mommie


can anyone help me with DYI activities for my 15 months lo?

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hi shruti, checkout montessori inspired activities articles here on the app in "collections" - Brainy Baby there are under other categories also...

Heyaa u can do clay art, sand art,finger puppets, easy sensory activities like putting thing in box with plucker,

As baby is too small... rarely baby will like to sit and do something. Now.. more walking and physical activity is good. You can try food Colors and do some finger painting. Give different types of clothes for touch and feel, give chapathi dough to play. Check here on Babychakra. many inspiring activities are there.

Nowadays, we are making waste material balls, using old papers n  cloth pieces and sticking them together with cellotape. Making in different sizes. My lo loves to tear paper n crush them in his hands n roll in ball shape. U can try this, it is fun.

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At 13 months, we started this mess free painting. If u are ok with the mess then try to make some edible paints n let the baby Enjoy..

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For fine motor skills..we used stickers, another fun activity.

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U can also do sand play n water play..keeps my bub engaged for atleast 15-20 mins.

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thanks everyone...its really helpful

Neha Sharma is it a clay?? ddnt he mouth it?? mine kiddo will do it pakka...🤔🙄

Shruti Giri this is kinetic sand. First time he was trying to take in mouth, I always sit nearby and keep an eye. u will have to tell him not to put in mouth, only then he will understand.

Dear Shruti, Seems like lots have people have given you some great ideas, so I am not going to repeat these, but what I will say is that there is no specific list of things that you need to do with your child. Use what is around you and use lots of language when playing. Do lots of pretend play with household items, hands on messy art and craft activities, go to the playground and just let your child explore in a fun and engaging way. If you can do this, learning will automatically happen and the love for learning will also come in. Then, your job as a parent will also be much easier. Hope this helps.

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