Hi my baby is 10 week plus days, he passes stools 6-8 times a day, yellowish liquidish, wanted to know when this will reduced from 1-2 stool in a day? Also i observed minor blood content in his stool 2-3 times in between, so we did stool test as suggested by pediatrician trician... Wer thigs wer normal except mucus present n sum puss cells... My pedestrian said it's normal and der is minor infection.... Suggested to tk lucataze drops to baby before feeding, pls suggest wat shd i do...

His stool pattern is same since his birth, so wen it wl reduce yo

From 6-7 yo 1-2 stool in a day??

This pattern is normal. You can expect the stools to reduce by around six months of age.

Thanks for prompt reply... And whT about mucus in stool?