help not getting pregnant why.its about 5month gone marrige

consult a gynae may be ur intercourse is not on the ryt dates ur 13 14 15 day is the fertility days generally... still if u don't then consult a good gynaecologist... by d way I was like to say one thing njoy ur sex lyf stress n tension leads u nowhere.

I got prgnt after 5 yrs . although we were not trying all this tym. but we were planning since Dec 2015 dint get any good results I used to cry every month wen my period came. my gynaecologist always SD stress n tension leads to irregular periods n irregular fertility dates. but we r humans can't stop worrying. it was my brother in laws marriage in May n my hubby n I were busy entire April with preparations. although we never forgot our intercourse dates but never had tym to worry since we both were so excited about this marriage. 3 days after his marriage I realized I missed my cycle... n I got prgnt this yr... so njoy every moment..

It is only 5 months.. don't worry.I agree with chaitali.All the best.Enjoy.One of my patients ( iam a physiotherapist) conceived after 10 years of their marriage.So don't worry...

Plz don't lose heart. Keep trying. It's worth it.

learn about ovulation tracking and hypno conception. no need to consult a dr as yet. u need to have sex whilst ovulating for 1 year before any testing would be done on u and your husband. relax and enjoy.

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