plz share ur review moms who undergo frm c section in blr...

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which area in Bangalore are you from??? then we could recommend you a good hospital

whitefield... i choose columbia aisa.. no I want to know the process for c section as my doc. said to admit tomorrow nite

immediately after u get admitted they will stop food liquids everything and they will be observing urs and babies heart beat then they will remove the hairs in your personal areas a nurse will do that an anesthesiologist will guide u abt anesthesia which will be given to ur spine then they will take u to the labour room and there by giving u anesthesia it will start u will be conscious then they will take out the baby by cut opening a little in your stomach but inspire of all this after u see. ur Little one u will forget everything have a safe delivery all the best

after tat they remove ur placenta put stitches n u need to sleep on ur back straight for 24hrs...u r not suppose to drink or eat anything since u have been given anesthesia....everything will b given through glucose drips....after 24hrs ur doc will c ur status n remove ur urine pipe n ask u to start walking by ur own which u may feel little difficult initial but try to walk.....after 24hrs of operation u.ll b asked to take oy liquids for 1st day den from next day u r allowed to take solid food....all d best n happy parenting

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