Hi All.... is it safe to have maggi and chinese food ? Your suggestions and experiences please....

u can have in small quantity if u r craving for it...but not so much...bcoz i also had

Maggie and Chinese recipes basically requires Maida which is not considered healthy and are difficult to digest especially during pregnancy. once a while is OK to eat however it is good to avoid these and prefer healthy food during pregnancy. u can try Chinese at home using veggies and replacing Maida with gram flour (besan)

Msg is very harmful. I was told to avoid maggi and food with msg

yes i know... aginomoto is not good... but excess of everything is bad.... once in a few weeks is ok i suppose.... afterall its maggi...

if you are really craving maggie try to consume no more than a few spoonfuls. Chinese food at good quality restaurants is usually cooked without MSG. you can visit one occasionally, remind them about no MSG and opt for the healthy options.

I would say have it without ajino moto for sure

Maggi is completely Maida but once in a while if you have it with lots of vegetables as that will give it a healthy touch. Chinese food is again Maida mainly fried and all the sauces have a lot of sodium which is what makes it unhealthy. Ajinomoto technically is the least of the concerns but a good restaurant will make Chinese food for you without ajinomoto.

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