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I feel somehow my little 3 months old boy doesn't connect with me. He doesn't look at me when I call him, just breastfeeds and leaves, doesn't latch on for as long as I would love him to. Is there anyting I can do to grow the bond stronger? Am I being too hassled about it?

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I know how you feel. I would get upset that my baby would love to go to Papa more. But babies love their moms and need mommy no matter what. Don't let this feeling get you down. Take care

ooh ur kid is just 3 months this age its difficult to judge the child like this...of course you are the only one mom for him ..pls don't think that way ..just spend more time cuddling n talking ..these moments will never came back happy :)

hey pls don't think so much...matter of time ....n enjoy the time with ur baby...even my kids love there dad a lot...but wen I am not there they miss me a lot...n they too just 3.5...still can't judge ...

don't worry every kid will be automatically connected to the mother.

Hey don't worry about it. He is just an infant. However, to increase your bond with your baby, I will advice you to cuddle him a lot through out the day. Kiss him. Keep telling him how precious he is to you. Ensure you hug him atleast 10 times a day. Trust me it works wonders. Babies need a lot of body contact to feel loved and secure. I still do it to my 2 years old son n he enjoys a lot. He feels loved and happy. They also learn to how to express love to others.

join a mothers group yiubwillbget confidence watching other mums and kids. try a baby wearing.

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