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What all I can give in meal to my daughter she completed 6 months on 19 th...... She is on formula feed and now a days not interested in drinking milk but takes feed properly when sleepy what could be the reason

u can give boiled apple, mashed banana, boiled carrot

moong daal ka pani , Dalia , khichadi,start from these.... food

moong daal tour daal water , rice mashed,dalia khichdi , banana,apple puree,carrot puree,give to her

Hi, Try out these recipes for weaning foods for your child. They will be super helpful. Also, if you liked the recipes, do not forget to like the article and leave a comment :)

basically do fruit and veggie mash. start with easily digestible things. keep an eye to see how your baby is reacting to different food (I basically never introduced 2 new things on the same day). if you're on Instagram, I post a lot of baby weaning food on my page #mybabykangaroo Most of all, follow your instinct​. no one knows better than you for your baby! all the best :)