Hi I have two daughters - born in March 2014 and March 2016 (they will be 3 years and 1 year in this March). My older daughter was on bf till about 1.5 yrs (never took formula) and I weaned her off completely (substituting with cows milk) when I was six months pregnant with the second one. From the time I started her on semi solid/solids (at the age of 10.5 months she started taking although I began offering at 7 months) she never gained weight till she was two years. she was same 9.5 kg weight for more than one year - however since all other development was normal and she never lost weight, pediatrician was not too bothered. Her blood tests were fine and I gave iron, calcium, vitamin all supplements. In the last year her weight increased 3 kg - which I think is due to me starting her on pediasure. she is a very fussy eater and while she likes fruits and used to eat all veggies, nowadays she only wants junk food (ever since she started school).

Now second one is also bf but never gained weight as much as first one. She is 7.5 kg at 10 months. I have started semi solids for her earlier and she takes apple/banana,ragi, dal/rice /veggies(khichdi) and even softened roti/dal and I also bf her 3-4 times in the day and all through the night on demand. The quantity of food she takes is small though - I have tried dropping feeds, but most times she eats little and then starts demanding my feed only. can someone please suggest what else foods I can try for her to gain weight? also for my older child what can I do to make her eat more?

Force feeding never really helps. For the younger one be particular that you keep a gap of about one hour between solid and breast milk. Do not give in and feed the baby. If she has eaten less and is hungry she can wait for some time. It will help her to learn that she has to eat at meal times. There are no foods which should be given to increase weight. As long as development is on track relax and don't worry. Children the age of your older daughter have a very high metabolism and tend to gain slowly. Give her variety, let her make food choices but don't give her too many options. for eg you can ask her what she wants to eat for breakfast tomorrow idli or sandwich and then try and involve her in the preparation. This generally gets children interested in food.

it's normal.same with my daughter who is the same age as ur younger one...she'll b one yr old this march

how many meals/snacks are ideal at one year? also my daughter doesn't have teeth yet so giving her only blended food

can I give juices? I have heard conflicting views on this

for my older one if I ask she only wants to eat biscuits or pakora or sweets :(

hi chitra...... prefer juice nd fruits for ur elder one.... take half Apple,half carrot nd one dates make it juice by mixing all those nd pour sum milk too with it..... giv her daily without fail..... it Will gain wght,colour,blood purification too

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