are there any books for 6months baby? please tell the names

Priya Sood Gayatri Rao Shruti Giri Neha Sharma

asha chaudhry had a good thread on this. I love Eric Carle but personally all bools that have color and nice graphics are great! plan a book store visit with little one and choose

rather than showing him books I used to show him actual objects...I had board books for fruits n n veggies though...a big book with big pictures

for 6 months old baby, check for small board books, u can show pictures while giving tummy time. u can also have bath books. touch n feel books. sound books.

hey let me share that thread here and tag u on that post as well!

same question....pls suggest any book for my 5 month baby....! tag me too asha chaudhry

play and touch board books series..navneet picture board books series..eric Charles the hungry catterpiller..peek a boo..there are so many.

Thanks for the tag, Sumira Bhatia. I would say, touch and feel book, bright books with simple illustrations would be great. Select books that do not have many images as I saw with my kids that it confused them and their attention span was lesser with such books at that age. Do look at asha chaudhry's post on toddler books. There are awesome recommendations by many mums. :)

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