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my my boy doesn't drink with the bottle how to introduce a bottle bottle to him please please suggest

If you mean milk. It's a very gradual process. It also needs a lot of persistence. Pls keep at it. Don't give up

Hey you need to have lots of patience, baby needs time to get adjusted to anything new that is introduced to them. my lil one took almost 15 days after continuos effort every single day, first 7 days she just howled and cried, but slowly she started taking in little quantities. So please don't give up and keep trying.

he use to drink in bottle nicely but from past 2 week he completely rejects it .

How old is your baby? Have you been breastfeeding him alongside? It may be a case of nipple confusion.
Just keep trying with the bottle. Let the child be extremely hungry before you bottle feed him. That ways he will not refuse.

How old is your baby? Y force if he is not liking bottle. Introduce a cup to him. My son started using cup to drink milk when he was 7 months old.

Yes, how old is your baby? I completely agree with Bhavana.Bottle feeding has its own disadvantages.Nowadays paediatricians are not advising bottle feeding..

If your child is having breast milk you never need to introduce a bottle, they go straight from breast to cup. It is very convenient.

Just give your baby a cup if your baby is old enough. It will be difficult for you to wean off your baby from the bottle later.

I agree to what Seema is saying..

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