hey all .... my son is 5 months 2 weeks old....he started rolling.... he rolls in one side to engage him in rolling both sides??....and also while sleeping he rolls and turns sidewards...and sleeps on his it safe... ?? if not how to prevent this??

sleeping on side is not a problm..juz keep a small round pillow towards his back n even my son is 5 months n rolls on one its normal..they will roll on both sides give them their own time for achieving milestone.

nothing to worry.. this is normal.. I totally agree with Amreen ...

Sleeping on side is infact better.. They get sound and calm sleep when sleeping on side .. N baby woll automatically learn to turn other side too... Jus dont keep the baby on the corner now

Take both his arms and bring them close to her chest, then make him turns on both the sides for 5 mins everyday. it'll help!

hi NehA ye common hai.aap kuch bas kare baby ko khud learn and explore karne dijiye.

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