Games / activities for 4+month old girl to develop her brain

Any1 will tell me what r games activities should i do with my baby girl.  To develop her brain,  physically n mentally... As of now she responds to lights,  musical toys. 

Please give rattles, teethers, plastic / silicone/ rubber toys with soft edges and baby friendly. You can buy's best investment. Bath toys, bathbooks. As baby is too small.. any colorful toys will be helpful to recognise and develop eyes. Please talk more and more. sing songs to her. And take her out and show natural things.

Start reading to her. Get board books. Peekaboo is a good one to start with, also, the very hungry caterpillar, these are good. Get a play gym too, I often leave my baby on it and she enjoys.

What games and activities you do are not that important. What is more important is how you do them with your child. You can even play with empty bottles and boxes, but use lots of language and be animated when playing. Do lots of pretend play and use different things around in the environment itself, as this is what your child should be learning about now. Read a lot to your child.. Just let your child explore in a fun and engaging way. If you can do this, learning will automatically happen and the love for learning will also come in. Hope this helps.