My baby is 5 months old and has severe colic problem since he was just 25 days old. He is exclusively breast fed. Does potty once every 4-5 days. I give him bonnison twice a day and colicaid once a day. The situation does not seem to get any better. He is able to roll over so gets plenty of tummy time. I do tummy massage and exercise also to him. Tried hing paste as well. Nothing works. What more can i do? Doc suggests the same medicines and asks me to wait till he is 6 months but its very distressing. Waiting for expert advice and suggestions. Thanks.

I can understand your distress. It is difficult to see a baby cry and not have a solution. Since you have tried all the home remedies I would suggest taking the colic medications as a prescription which means three times a day for the next few days. Normally medications are SOS and most moms just give once a day. Some chronic colic situations may need medications given as a regular dose. Please discuss this option with your doctor.

u can try gripe water.

hi you can switch to soya formula milk. sometime bm is not able to digest by baby.

u can give Neopeptine to ur baby, it is completely safe n ur child will surely feel better after having it

Hi,if u feel like u may give Baal jeevan ghutti to ur baby.I hav personally tried,it works.

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