I m worried about my baby's sleeping habits...

she sleep only for a few hours in the day for rest of the day she either demands for feed or takes us around an hour to put her to sleep and as soon as we keep her off the lap she wakes up again...and she only sleeps with my nipple in her mouth as soon as i remove it she gets up.......will lesser sleep hamper her development in any way?

i feed her with both formula n breast milk with such a little sleep she is turning can I help my baby?

hi tanuja...even my baby since birth sleeps less...infact as babies grow their sleep further lessens..mine is 4 months old now but sleeps less...only during her 3 month duration she slept well...guess these are phases...wenever she wants to sleep put her be it keeping her on lap...I have been doing that...atleast baby gets sleep n rest...daytime v can let's wait n watch...

Try baby wearing. There is a baby wearing library u could go to.

Just as we adults have different personalities, babies also have different temperaments.
- You can use a rocking chair holding the baby close to you and try calming her and putting her to sleep.
- Play some soothing music.
- If you are anxious as a person, your anxiety passes on to your baby. Practice breathing to stay calm.
- Take help if you have a family member or house help, to get a break. This will help you take care of your baby effectively.
- Try massaging her gently followed by a warm bath. Swaddling the baby also helps some babies sleep.
- Put a diaper. Some fussy babies don't like getting wet at all. the diaper will keep her dry and she may sleep longer.

Hope this helps. Be patient, your baby will settle down eventually.

Thanks Ruth, Thanks Seema.....I'll try u r priority is to keep my baby calm n make her sleep well.

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