Today is 3rd day.... my son is doing 5 loose motions in a day. Color is yellow-greenish with sticky long does infection takes to get cure?

Green poop is totally normal aasiya. do not worry.

last month we had the same issue n wen we went to dr he said its infection n had prescribed medicine post which my son had overcome..! usually he does potty once in a day or two but since 3days he ia continuosly having motions as same had a month ago

give a kangaroo treatment to ur baby

Have you had a stools test done ? How do you know that this is an infection ? If it is an infection has the doctor prescribed medications? once medications start it can take anywhere from three to seven days to clear.

same as this happened last month so when i had call dr, he said to start the medication i.e tufpro, flora bc & anti- zanocin

usually for infection they will give antibiotics for 5 days. u should complete the course. otherwise it will be coming again and again.