how i teach my baby to roll over from tummy to back?

Give tummy time and hold baby head do this regularly

Niharika (MummaTeddyandMe) Chitra Vakilna Taneja (@adaywithababy) Sejal Khanna Tamanna Shah PRIYADARSHANI PANDA #tagfwd

no need to teach baby will do it herself.juz gv tummy time regularly to baby and kèep yr camera ready..

Baby will learn on his own.. Just give him some time !!

just give him Tummy time.. put some interesting toy above him .. it will happen soon. my baby rolled over at 5.5 months..

make sure you give minimum of 20mins tummy time everyday..every kid is unique ,so they take son rolled over by 6months..daughter is 6m today..still not rolling from tummy to back..but she is try to go forward(but goes backward)

it comes naturally to babies. He'll do it once he's ready

hey baby will learn by himself just sit back and enjoy see how they learn u will be amused

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