pls suggest me I am so much confused whether I should go for amniocentesis test or NIPT.pls some one suggest me.and when should I go for it.

Why would you need these tests ? It is recommended for high risk situations where there is a genetic history or past case of birth defects or for women older than thirty five years of age. An amniocentesis test is an invasive test and carries a five percent risk of miscarriage hence if not needed should be avoided.

mam actually I am 30 years old I am having one baby girl she is 5 years now. And in our family we don't have any history of this type of things . But my double marker test came positive. so doctor said for NIPT test.Pls help me iam so cofused and tensed.

you need to visit a centre which offers genetic testing and the associated and very important counselling service. please take your decisions after a good counselling session understanding every detail about the ifs and buts. These tests are carried out in a specific time period only which they will tell about.